Thursday, July 29, 2021

Get Ahead of the Fad: Make Dairy Groovy


Source: Donna Gorski's photo album, with the pull-back plastic self-stick pages

Most Gen X’ers, like myself, knew this might happen. We’ve been dreading it. The ‘80s are back in fashion. In case you have not noticed, men’s shorts are getting shorter and puffy shoulders—there are no pads in there, yet—can be found on all styles of women’s blouses. Loose fitting drawstring fleece pants (in tie dye pastels) have returned for all, probably because of COVID weight gain. And, ladies, wait for it, jellies (plastic shoes) are making a comeback, many of them with some dazzle and shine. 

While today’s youth may find this step back in time to be fun and even “new” to them, for me, and I’m guessing many of my fellow Gen Xers, it’s a nightmare. 

Need some giggles? This is me! Summer of 1985. Just graduated high school and ready for some fun times before heading to University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. (My license had me three inches taller than I am now. That hair!)

So, here’s the deal. Fashion from the 80’s is back. Disco is getting weaved into current tunes. It’s time to razzle and dazzle shoppers.  

Earlier this year, Nestle rolled out Disco Semi-Sweet Toll House Morsels. The bag of chips is a mix of semi-sweet chocolate chips and edible glitter morsels, which appear to be glitter-covered chocolate chips. The company is onto something!

Packages read: “Get Groovy with your tasty treats! Top pancakes, cupcakes or bake into cookies or breads to add that extra sparkle to your final product. Can you dig it?” 

Balchem is making it easy to add that 80’s glam and fun to your frozen desserts with its new glimmer textured water-based variegate. The shiny variegate can be customized with flavors, colors and textures. 

Did you know different colors of food can be good for emotional health, too? Colors address mood, and right now, I think many of us need a little pick me up, as it appears we are returning to some pandemic restrictions. (Please get vaccinated.) 

You know what also was popular in the 80’s? Gaming consoles, with Ninja fighters making their debut to the U.S. Well, Balchem just entered into an agreement with the best-selling author of the children’s book series Ninja Life Hacks to secure strategic partners for branded food products that promote a healthy emotional and physical relationship with foods. The product range includes all types of healthy foods and dietary supplements, including ice cream. They will be developed for specific partners and retailers.

Ninja Life Hacks is dedicated to empowerment and offers children the skills to cultivate a growth mindset and develop confidence and grit. The books promote emotional intelligence. (All the more power to Simone!)

The three primary areas where Balchem’s food technology will be utilized to bring the Ninja Life Hacks brand to life are: Brain Power, Emotional Well-Being, and Immune Health & Nutrition. Balchem will work with its partners to bring these branded snacks to market. The Ninja Life Hacks characters assist in building avenues for conversation, with the ultimate goal of bringing emotional and physical health discussions to the kitchen, lunchroom and dinner table.

“Together we will take the science of nutrition and make it understandable for kids and their parents through the Ninja Life Hacks characters,” says Shitij Chabba, vice president minerals and nutrients and global marketing, Balchem Human Nutrition & Health. “Our partners innovating in kid-focused products can leverage our collaboration and science-backed ingredients to create products that resonate with parents looking to nourish and delight their kids every day.”

I’ve always though Ninjas would look a little better in glitter. 
This fully vaccinated Gen Xer is ready to get down to Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive this weekend. Let’s make dairy groovy!

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