Friday, September 14, 2012

Mood Food

I am a big tea drinker—mostly sun brewed and over ice. This week I have been sipping soothing hot cups of Tazo’s Calm blend in efforts to reduce the stress of melding family with work due to the Chicago teacher’s strike. (I have a son who has been home all week because of the strike.)

Many of us turn to comforting foods and beverages in times of stress. We also often rely on certain foods and beverages when we need to address other moods or conditions, such as fatigue, anxiety and even an upset tummy.

There’s an emerging trend among food formulators to incorporate flavorful ingredients that have well established effects on health and wellness. These ingredients are known as botanicals and are often described as “plant extracts with functional benefits.”

I encourage you to read about this category of ingredients in an article I recently wrote for Food Business News. It can be found HERE.

There are many opportunities in dairy for botanicals. The Food Business News article provides a number of examples, such as RealBeanz Energize (pictured), which is cappuccino with ginseng and vitamin B12.

And stay tuned…I will profile a brand new product this Monday in the Daily Dose of Dairy. Make sure you are subscribed to receive it.

Have a great weekend. And please, Chicago teachers, agree on a contract and let’s get my son back in the classroom.

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