Friday, October 15, 2021

Anuga 2021: Showcasing a World of Colorful Food and Beverage


Hope you had a great week. I was one of more than 70,000 visitors (proof of vaccination required to enter expo) from 169 countries who traveled to Cologne, Germany, to attend Anuga 2021, the world’s largest food and beverage exposition that is held every two years. There were approximately 4,600 exhibiting companies representing 98 countries at the expo, with the dominating theme throughout the 11 halls being plant based. But wait, there’s more to what I mean by plant based. Yes, there were tons of meat and dairy alternatives. Snacks, condiments and ready meals also were touting their plant-based nature, but so were vegetarian products – that means those containing dairy – bragging about their plant components, everything from functional ingredients such as turmeric and matcha to the use of plant-derived natural colors and fruit and vegetable concentrates. There was this overarching theme of taking care of the planet, the body and each other. This was being conveyed through earthly colors in the green, brown and orange family, with purple (representative of immunity-boosting anthocyanins, and in many cases, specifically elderberry) often used as a secondary hue in script or background. These color schemes were not something apparent at first, but day after day while exploring the exposition, and perusing through the many photos I had taken, the visual trend became very apparent.  

To read more about Anuga 2021 and to view a slideshow of 10 products that stood out to me at the expo, link HERE to a Food Business News column I wrote yesterday. 

These earthy color schemes complement the #1 trend for 2022, according to Innova Market Insights. This is “Shared Planet” and focuses on how everyone can play their part in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future. 

Consumers tell us they want to be ethically and environmentally conscious, so brands need to work alongside consumers to breed confidence in the claims attached to products, says Innova’s Global Insights Director Lu Ann Williams. Trust and transparency are must-haves for any brand wishing to find common ground with an increasingly educated, forward-thinking and interconnected consumer base. For many, it helps to communicate with color. 

A sense of joint responsibility for our shared planet is guiding the choices consumers make and the lifestyles they wish to lead. Innova’s study, conducted across 11 countries, revealed that when it comes to food choices, the top-two environmental actions people are taking are reducing waste (43% of respondents) and eating in moderation (32%).

“One of the biggest shifts we are seeing is that the health of the planet is now the top concern of consumers,” says Williams. “Personal health has been the big concern for the past few years, but consumers now tell us that this has been surpassed by global issues. Sustainability is no longer just a Wall Street issue. It might not be the top purchase driver for all consumers, but for many it clinches the deal when it comes to choosing between products.”

The coming year is going to be all about doing one’s part to build a better future. You will see a palette of earthy, grounding hues be met with fresh takes on primary colors. It’s all about embracing the unexpected. 

This already started in 2021, when Pantone identified gray with illuminating yellow as the “Color of the Year for 2021.” This provider of professional color language standards explained that these two independent colors highlight how different elements come together to support one another. They are practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic. Their union illuminates a mood of strength and positivity. It is a story of color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.

Another trending color for 2021 based on Pantone’s research is shades of marigold, which are both cheerful and comforting. They are sweet and nurturing colors that feel like warm honey and are an ideal color choice for customer-facing brands that want to emphasize their caring brand personality. 

One product that really stood out to me at Anuga was the Starlight Love bar from Dione Ice Cream in Lithuania. While the vibrancy of this product is anything but earthy, the messaging is, as this ice cream novelty product is all about connecting with color, natural color. This heart-shaped premium vanilla ice cream has a “Belgian white chocolate coating that reflects colors of the universe.” Every bar has an original design and all come from natural colors, which is part of the products branding. “Most beautiful things are natural and our modern technology allows us to create iconic colors for each piece using only and truly natural colors,” according to the company. 

How food presents itself visually has always influenced its appeal both before and during consumption. A recent study by Emerald Insights found that 90% of shoppers decide whether to buy a product solely based on color and perceived taste. 

Today’s blog sponsor, Lycored, shows how its all-natural gold color solution can help formulators achieve cleaner labels with orange, yellow and golden hues. Think French vanilla ice cream and eggnog. Think ready-to-drink protein beverages as well as yogurt smoothies. 

Lycored demonstrates its all-natural stabilized beta-carotene in a beverage. Look how just 0.05% makes such a big difference. For more information, link HERE

Checkoff Unveils Undeniably Dairy Campaign Evolution to Reach Gen Z
The dairy checkoff is launching a new wave of the Undeniably Dairy campaign to create deeper connections between Gen Z (ages 10 to 24) and dairy and give them new reasons to choose it over other products. 

“Resert Yourself with Dairy” is a youth-centric evolution of the checkoff’s consumer campaign and will use a variety of media channels and marketing strategies, including gaming, social media influencers and digital content, to engage with Gen Z to grow sales and trust of dairy. The effort launched Oct. 13.
“This is a visible example of the checkoff’s laser focus on reaching consumers who can have the biggest return on investment for dairy farmers and importers,” says Beth Engelmann, chief operating officer, Dairy Management Inc. (DMI) “This campaign reflects the integration of science, partnerships and innovation to secure the next generation of dairy consumers and ensure impact for decades.”

Anne Warden, DMI’s executive vice president of strategic integration, adds: “We’ve been pivoting our marketing and communications activations to not only create relevancy with younger audiences, but to also show up in the right places. To compete in today’s environment, we will create big, disruptive moments that reassert dairy’s place in young people’s lives in a way that is in the social media and entertainment spaces they love and speaks their language.”

The strategy centers on four aspects of dairy’s wellness benefits that checkoff-led consumer research found resonates and drives purchase decisions with Gen Z. These territories are immunity, calm, energy and digestive health and can meet this generation’s changing perceptions and behaviors for what they believe foods and beverages should deliver.

Dairy’s role in offering these wellness benefits will be featured on a variety of media channels. A broad approach is critical as Gen Z tends to jump from one channel to the next instead of consistently remaining in one place. 

Dairy content will appear on Spotify, where Gen Z heads for music and podcasts, as well as across YouTube and Google video searches and via television streaming providers including Hulu, Roku and Vevo.

Check out this VIDEO.

There will be continued outreach to the gaming community where the checkoff will work with Twitch, which has about 15 million users daily. The content will be available on TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat and the checkoff will work with social media influencers, who Gen Z finds to be authentic. The effort also includes a partnership with Kroger Digital and Instacart for content to appear in their retail apps and mobile sites.

In addition to these virtual strategies, the campaign will have activations on about 400 college campuses, including on TV screens in recreation centers and cafeterias.

“‘Reset Yourself with Dairy’ will show Gen Z all that dairy can offer and that they can feel good about their choice,” says DMI Chair Marilyn Hershey, a Pennsylvania dairy farmer. “It’ll remind them that real milk makes them feel better and offers wellness benefits that can help get them through their day.”
DMI and the 16 state and regional checkoff organizations have begun a push surrounding the feeling of calm people can experience from consuming dairy. Calm has universal Gen Z appeal, especially for students returning to school or young professionals back at the office. Content, including humorous videos that relate to Gen Z’s hectic lives, has been unveiled with the hope of making them seek a reset moment with dairy.

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