Friday, May 25, 2012

Get Dressed Up…More Dairies Should Compete in the Salad Dressing Category

Summer time is salad season. All that produce grows in abundance…fresh and local. I’ve always believed that U.S. dairies are missing out on the salad dressing business. In Europe, consumers either make their own dressing—a little vinegar and oil—or buy refrigerated dressings, typically based on yogurt and sold in the dairy case, much like the product pictured.

This particular product purchased in Germany uses the licensed Weight Watchers brand. The 150-milliliter cup contains two portions, with blue and yellow marks on the left side of the label designating where the portion begins and ends. Based on fat-free yogurt, a single portion of the dressing delivers only 40 calories. (For more information, visit

Cup yogurt manufacturers in the States might want to explore savory flavors in a pourable formula. Those processors in the drinkable yogurt category can use the same bottle. (The Weight Watchers brand is also found on such dressings in Europe.) And, if you are in the recloseable plastic bottle of milk business, especially buttermilk, why not add buttermilk ranch to your line? There’s something very fresh and natural about purchasing buttermilk ranch dressing from the dairy case.

Another idea to ponder this holiday weekend: savory yogurt for dipping. I am not talking about the hearty dips based on yogurt sold in the dip case, rather, yogurt with savory seasonings, maybe a little dill, ranch or simply seasoned salt. The idea being simple, and a thinner viscosity than one would expect from a product merchandised in the dip case.

In case you missed my BLOG last week about how Greek yogurt is being used in foodservice, you can scroll down and read it. Maybe we can bring this foodservice concept to retail, but simplified, with products that are ready to use. I plan on purchasing some plain yogurt this weekend and experimenting in my kitchen. Maybe your product development lab will want to do the same in the near future.

By the way, the Daily Dose of Dairy is taking Monday off to watch baseball, barbecue and dip into homemade savory yogurts.

Have a beautiful, safe and dairy-full Memorial Day Holiday!

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