Thursday, May 30, 2019

IFT 2019: Tips on Where to Best Explore New Orleans’ Amazing Food Culture for Dairy Foods Flavor Innovation

Now in its 79th year, the Institute of Food Technologist’s annual meeting and food exposition is where the most creative minds dedicated to the science of food--including industry, government and academia--come together with purpose to share and challenge one another with the latest research, innovative solutions and forward-thinking topics in food science and technology to tackle our greatest food challenges. The event attracts nearly 17,000 attendees from around the world. Hope to see you there! For more information, link HERE.

While in New Orleans for IFT, make sure you take time to explore the Crescent City’s amazing food culture and local tastes, many of which are compatible in sweet dairy applications, everything from yogurt to ice cream and flavored milk to coffee creamer.

Earlier this year, Blue Bell made its limited-time offering (LTO) Mardi Gras King Cake Ice Cream flavor available in all areas that sell Blue Bell products. In years past, this LTO had limited distribution. The flavor celebrates the Mardi Gras carnival season. It’s cinnamon cake-flavored ice cream, pastry pieces and a colorful cream cheese swirl with festive candy sprinkles.

“We have been making Mardi Gras King Cake since 2012, but the flavor has mostly been sold in areas known for the celebration, such as Louisiana and Alabama,” says Carl Breed, corporate sales manager for Blue Bell. “Last year a grocery store in Louisiana posted about the flavor’s arrival on its Facebook page and we started receiving requests from all over the country. After that, we decided to share this festive flavor with everyone in our distribution area.”

Publix has a private-label LTO with New Orleans Caramel Praline Ice Cream. This brown sugar-flavored ice cream has swirls of thick caramel and crunchy praline pecans.

Photo source: Brennan's 

Other New Orleans-inspired dessert flavors you will find in ice cream scoop, milkshakes and latte formats include Bananas Foster, which combines the flavors of bananas, caramel, nutmeg and rum; Café Au Lait and Beignets, which combines brewed chicory, scalded cream, flaky pastry and powdered sugar; and BreadPudding, which combines chunks of bread with custard and bourbon sauce.

Then there’s Milk Punch. The original combines brandy with whole milk and powdered sugar. While the over-21 cocktail was not invented in New Orleans, Brennan’s--one of the city’s most famous restaurants and bars--takes credit for perfecting it. For a tropical spin, there’s also Caribbean Milk Punch, which is a blend of bourbon, cream, rum and vanilla bean. These flavors would go great in milk or creamer.

For more information on Brennan’s, link HERE.

Boozy milkshakes are served at Belle’s Diner. Five additional dairy-centric restaurants and cafes to visit are: Creole Creamery, The Milk Bar, New Orleans Ice Cream Company, Shake Therapy and Creamistry.

Just in times for IFT attendees to sample, all Creamistry locations are rolling out Ruby Ice Cream on June 3. Ruby Ice Cream combines a rich ice cream base with pure ruby cacao, featuring a naturally pink color with a sweet, berry-like flavor. The café also offers a number of varied nitro products.

Hope to see you in New Orleans.

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