Friday, June 22, 2012

Do You Need a Side Job?

Savvy dairy products marketers recognize the value in getting their brand in front of potential customers every possible moment. This often includes the most unlikely foodservice situations, such as the “on-board for purchase snack box” available on most flights over two hours, as well as hotel breakfast buffets and even Starbucks’ a la carte self-serve case.

There’s a growing opportunity in both foodservice and retail in the category of pre-made salads and snacking kits. Read about this business boom in an article I recently wrote for Food Business News.

With that, I’ve always thought that bulk yogurt suppliers missed an opportunity with the increasingly popular hand-made fruit and yogurt parfait by not touting the brand of yogurt on these containers. Maybe that comes in the form of a sticker that also offers other information, such as the nutritionals or the “sell by date.” Dairies can do that with the next generation of pre-made salads and snack kits. Salad dressing manufacturers do it. So why can’t the packet of cheddar shreds or the yogurt for apple dipping come in a branded package?

The Food Business News article describes a new type of package that allows supermarkets to put together their own kits. This is probably the first of many such package innovations that will fuel the growth of this category. Now is the time to start thinking about how your products can be a side or accompaniment to such convenience foods. 

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