Friday, May 11, 2012

Positioning Dairy for Day Parts

The message was loud and clear at the IDFA 2012 Milk and Cultured Products Symposium in Kansas City: The industry needs to better position dairy products for specific day parts and this can be accomplished through innovative product development and savvy marketing.
If you missed the meeting, here are some important highlights on this topic:
  • What’s for dessert? Yogurt! The Apple Pie Parfait from The YoCrunch Company was named the most innovative cultured dairy product. It features pieces of real apple and a cinnamon-crunch crust topping for an authentic, all-American apple pie taste. “Yogurt-based desserts are a growing trend going into 2012, but pie without the crust just isn’t pie,” says Vanessa Teter, manager of product development for The YoCrunch Company. “Our new Apple Pie Parfait, one of three in our Pie Parfait line, is the first yogurt in cups to offer real homemade pie taste complete with the satisfying crunch of crumbly crust.”
  • Orange Mandarin and Oats Low-fat Yogurt was the winning prototype. Developed by Sensient Flavors LLC, the product better positions yogurt as a breakfast food by including a morning favorite: oats. As the heart-health benefits of oats continue to make headlines, now’s the time to make sure the industry shows consumers that dairy and oats are a perfect combination. 
  • MilkPEP representatives provided an update on the multi-year, occasion-based marketing strategy introduced this year that is designed to drive the volume and value of fluid milk. The campaign is focusing on two prime usage occasions: Breakfast at Home and post workout: Refuel with Chocolate Milk.
  • During an open discussion, innovators discussed new ways to make dairy part of the nighttime routine. Ideas included promoting milk as the best accompaniment to a warm cookie or slice of pie, to developing a premium “sipping” chocolate milk with added adult-focused flavors.
  • Attendees viewed the entertaining new Milk Mustache commercial for The Breakfast Project, which features Salma Hayek. View it HERE.
  • And this VIDEO sums up how dairy complements every stage of life during all day parts.

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